OMNIBOARD – Oscilloscope, Generator, Power Supply, Virtual COM Port, RLC Meter, Serial Host Device


  • 4 Channels Oscilloscope
  • 2 Channels Function Generator
  • Power Supply 5v, 3.3V, 2.5V, 1.8V, -5V
  • Serial to USB converter
  • ARM Cortex programmer and debugger
  • and more …..


OMNIBOARD is a complete electronics maker workbench (14 in 1) multifunctional device which accommodates on board:

  • 4 Channels Oscilloscope
  • 2 Channels Function Generator
  • Power Supply 5v, 3.3V, 2.5V, 1.8V, -5V
  • Serial to USB converter
  • ARM Cortex programmer and debugger
  • AVR ISP Programmer
  • I2C Host device
  • USART Host device
  • SPI Host device
  • RLC Meter
  • Frequency Meter
  • Diodes & Transistors Tester
  • 8x GPIO (+PWM) to USB Converter
  • USB or standalone mode


  • 4 Channels
    Two channels -16.5V ÷ 16.5V
    Two Channnels 0 ÷ 3.3V
  • 18MSPS max real real sampling rate
  • Support of 12, 8 and 6 bits resolution.
    12bits mode: sample rates are: single channel 5.14MSPS,  two channels: 5.14MSPS per channel (total 10.28MSPS), three channels 4.0MSPS / channel (total 12MSPS), four channels 3.6MSPS / channel (total of 14.4MSPS)
    8bits mode: sample rates are: single channel 7.2MSPS, two channels: 7.2MSPS per channel (total 14.4MSPS), three channels 4.5MSPS / channel (total of 13.5MSPS), four channels 4.0MSPS / channel (total of 16MSPS)
    6bits mode: only single channel superfast mode 18MSPS
  • Fast mode (8bits resolution) – 14.4MSPS
  • Super Fast mode (6bits resolution) – 18MSPS
  • 6MHz analog bandwidth
  • XY – display mode
  • FFT  Spectrum Analyser
  • 64KB Samples memory (32K 12bits samples)
  • Hardware & software triggers
  • HOLD – display freeze
  • Single shot trigger mode
  • 4 Ranges ±300mV, ±1V, ±5v, ±16.5V
  • Timebase 0.2µs – 500s / division
  • DC/AC/GND Coupling
  • 8MHz clock source
  • USB  or Standalone mode

Function Generator:

  • 2 Channels
  • 12 bits resolution
  • up to 5MSPS (depending on the output circuit)
  • 8 predefined waveforms
  • Built-in math equation functions
  • Waveform summing and combining capability
  • WAV files play
  • Oscilloscope saved waveforms replay
  • Freehand draw mode (from the next version)


Power supply:

  • 5 voltages
  • 5V, 3.3V, 2.5V, 1.8V & -5V
  • 800mA total. 100mA negative
  • Direct breadboard connection

Serial to USB Converter:

  • 3.3V,   5V tolerant
  • Speed up to 1MBPS
  • Any serial terminal software supported
  • Built in Terminal
  • No separate dongle needed anymore


ARM Cortex debugger and programmer:
AVR uC ISP programmer:

  • ARM Cortex debugger and programmer
  • CMSIS-DAP compatible


  • AVR ISP programmer
  • Avrdude compatible

I2C Host Device:
SPI Host Device:
USART Host device:

  • Program and debug serial peripherals
  • Easy to use scripting language
  • Instant result display
  • Advanced bus diagnostics
  • Scripts can saved and loaded
  • Non volatile memories programming

8x GPIO to USB converter:

  • 8x 3.3V GPIO
  • Read and write the GPIO using the USB
  • PWM signal generation
  • GPIOs available on the extension port

RLC Meter:

  • Requires add on card
  • Resistance, Capacitance and Inductance meter
  • Frequency meter (digital and analog signals)


Some soldering is required. All SMT parts are soldered, THT parts and headers needs to be soldered.

TFT Display not included . The standard Arduino TFT display is required to use Omniboard in the  standalone mode. SD7783, ILI9320 and ILI9325. Other chips will be added in the next firmware versions.


Additional information

Weight .1 kg
Dimensions 10 x 7.5 x 1 cm