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19th November 2017

How to use Rc transmitter to control the Universal Plus Raspberry Pi HATs

Universal Plus HATs RC receiver support Universal Plus Raspberry Pi HATs can read the signal from the RC receiver. Any port can be used. The read values can be used to control servos, drones, DACs or any supported by the HAT interfaces. The code:


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15th November 2017

Univeral Plus Raspberry Pi HAT GPIO & PWM basics

GPIO Configuration. Universal Plus HATs have 29 ports (except UZP Servo which is only 17 ports). All of them can be configured as OUTPUTs or INPUTs (default power on configuration).  You can change the port configuration by simple Python method call:

mode  : port type – input or output type  : push pull (default) […]

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7th November 2017

Turning Raspberry Pi into an Arbitrary Waveform Generator and the simple scope using Universal Plus hat

In this post I will show how to use Universal Plus family hat to turn Raspberry Pi into an Arbitrary Waveform Generator and visualise the generated waveforms (ie to create the simple oscilloscope). I use the Universal Zero Plus hat – but all of them have the same functionality (except the SERVO version which has […]

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6th September 2017

Click, double click and long click button timer interrupt library

This is simple timer interrupt driven button library for the STM32 microControllers. Main features: Any number of buttons support “Normal” click, double click and “long” click supported L/H signal level configurable Any regular invoked  interrupt supported Callback functions for any of the keys (if compiled with KBDCALLBACKENABLED == 1) Callbacks on key events (key up/ […]

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